WATCHCAM Intelligent Surveillance Solution

With an aim for a complete surveillance automation, we have developed WATCHCAM, an Intelligent Real-Time Video Analytic solution to prevent crimes by detecting and notifying incidents from camera feeds. We have integrated state-of-the-art machine learning based technologies to detect persons, objects, faces, firearms in real-time from multiple camera feeds on its powerful server. The system have some innovative technologies like real-time search on video space for specific incident detection and post analysis.

Anomaly Detection

WATCHCAM detects anomaly in surveillance videos  by motion tracking and notify instantly. Its unique video classification technology distinguish anomaly and normal events in live video feeds.

WATCHCAM Traffic Management Solution

 WATCHCAM Intelligent Traffic Management solution can drastically add complete automation as well as improving traffic management efficiency in grater extent.

WATCHCAM Toll Plaza Automation Solution

SIGMIND has been introduced the first ever, truly intelligent computer vision based Toll Plaza Automation solution powered by Artificial Intelligence for automatic classification and counting of 10 types of vehicles.

Bangla License Plate Recognition

SIGMIND has been developed Bangla License Plate Recognition solution that detect and identify vehicle license plates from street cameras at day or night.